Maritime Technology | Environmental and Ecotox Laboratory

Inspired to deliver high quality technical expertise.

Torben Madsen

Ph.D., Environmental Microbiology; M.Sc., Biology

Rémi Maguet

M.Sc., Marine Biology & Ecology and Dynamic of Coastal Ecosystem, Aquaculture

Lemuel Casten

M.Sc., Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures

Louise Schlüter

Ph.D., Phytoplankton Pigment; M.Sc., Aquatic Ecology

Gitte I. Petersen

Ph.D., Bioaccumulation and Ecotoxicology; M.Sc., Marine Biology and Physiology

Anja Kamper

M.Sc., Biology

Frank Leck Fotel

M.Sc., Environmental Science, Toxicology

Pernille Bohn

M.Sc., Environmental Chemistry and Health

Jane Bergstrøm

Laboratory technician

Esther Sim

B.Sc., Environmental Science and Marketing

Gert Hansen

Ph.D., Botany; M.Sc., Algae

Amalie Thit Bruus Jensen

Ph.D.; M.Sc., Environmental Biology and Molecular Biology

Ole Poulsen

Environmental Technician


Jørgen Hansen

Laboratory technician

Merete Allerup

Laboratory technician

Connie Seierø

Laboratory technician

Jesusito Vicente

M.Sc., Aquaculture; Master in Development Management

Esperanza Mary Rose

M.Sc., Physical Oceanography

Cindy Kong

B.Sc., Ecology and Biodiversity 


Mervin Wee

B.Sc., Environmental Biology

Anna Fortuna-Wünsch

B.Sc., Biology

Martijn Spierings

B.Sc., Biology

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